Tourism Attractions

Bab AlBahrain

Bab Al Bahrain is a historical building located in the Customs Square in central business district of Manama. It marks the main entrance to the Manama Souq. Opened in 1949 and designed by the British adviser to the emir, Charles Belgrave, Bab Al Bahrain once stood on the Manama coastline.

AlJasra Handicrafts Centre

The village of Al Jasra offers a look into the traditional arts and crafts that many of the villages in Bahrain have historically produced. Al Jasra Handicrafts Center showcases pottery making, cloth weaving, wood working, basket weaving, and sadow making that are created using the traditional methods.

Bahraini Farmer's Market

Pick up fresh local produce each Saturday from 8am-2pm and look out for foodie treats and activities for the kids too. Do your bit to support local small businesses at the same time as grabbing your weekly fruit and veggies fresh from the farm.

AlKhalifiyah Library


AlKhalefeyah Library is situated in the old city center Of Muharraq and it is reconstructed on the original Khalefeyah Library, which was one of the first public libraries to be built in Bahrain. The building accommodates a reading area, a research center, an internet lab as well as offices. It also provides cultural programs and activities for the public.

AlAreen Wildlife Park


AlAreen Wildlife Park is a nature reserve and zoo, located in Sakhir, Bahrain. It is one of five other protected areas in the country and it is the only designated protected area on land, in the country.

Azizia Birds Kingdom

home to many beautiful and rare birds, allowing you to see several species of Bolivian macaws; a red-vented cockatoo; moloccan, umbrella and tritan sulphur-crested cockatoos; Java peacocks; California quails; silver and peacock pheasants; colourful toucans; Amazon and African grey parrots and double yellow-headed Amazons, which are excellent talkers.

AlDar Islands

A short vacation at the resorts provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen your bonds with loved ones while relaxing in a peaceful surrounding at one of the finest destinations in Bahrain. This beach resort is one that offers a blend of exciting adventure activities, as well as sightseeing opportunities, Jetski, Snorkeling and many more water sports.

Dyiar AlMuharraq

The Hawar Islands are an archipelago of desert islands owned by Bahrain, situated off the west coast of Qatar in the Gulf of Bahrain of the Persian Gulf.

Bahrain International Circuit


Located in the heart of the Sakhir desert, BIC is a unique and contemporary facility that is synonymous with the highest levels of global motorsport. It also host staggering crowds and a wide range of events and activities, and serves as a platform that encourages motorsports in the country.

Gold Souq

Bahrain is renowned for its excellent quality gold industry and the industry has been flourishing for a long time and is a high shopping destination for tourists and visitors with its reputation and high quality.

Capital Mall

Bahraini Handmade Products

The Capital Mall showcasing the Bahraini handmade products represents a central meeting point in Bahrain to assist and support micro-enterprises relied on by the productive families. The Mall provides regular units and exhibitions for marketing.

Peninsula Farms

Peninsula Farms produce local and fresh high quality hydroponic grown vegetables and goat farm produces goat milk, cheese, as well as soap created from goat milk in competitive prices when compared to imported produce in the market. It is in abidance with different International standards set by the ISO to ensure the highest standards are met.

Bahrain Pearl Trail

In the heart of Muharraq, Bahrain’s former capital, the heritage site “Pearling, Testimony of an Island Economy” relates the unique legacy of Bahrain’s pearling era, through the architecture and the urban heritage of the old city of Muharraq as well as three pearl producing oyster beds in the northern territorial waters of Bahrain.

Royal Camel Farm


When visiting Bahrain, be sure to take a visit to the Royal Camel Farm. Providing tourists with an unique insight into a treasured element of Bahraini culture, the farm is home to over 600 camels of all ages and sizes. The farm was created by the King of Bahrain, Sheik Mohammad as a means of preserving camels in Bahrain.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun

Water Park

The "Lost Paradise of Dilmun" Water Park's visitors will enjoy its state-of-the-art facilities supplied by Canadian-based White Water West, the world’s leading water park equipment supplier. It has been designed and is now operated by Sim Leisure Consultants from Malaysia.

Hiwar Islands

The Hawar Islands are an archipelago of desert islands, it contain a four star hotel and beaches with all the facilities and the islands are home to many bird and small herds of Arabian oryx and sand gazelle.

Durrat AlBahrain

Durrat Al Bahrain is a unique place where contrasting lifestyles complement each other. It’s an island and a city, it’s the desert and the sea, it’s a holiday and a home, it’s a place to be together, it’s escapism and adventure. It’s one world that offers you endless possibilities. It is a place like no other.

Royal Golf Club

The Royal Golf Club is home to Bahrain's only 18 hole championship standard golf course and to a par 3 9-hole course, both designed by course architect and golfing legend Colin Montgomerie. The Club is managed by Troon, the leader in upscale golf course management, development and marketing, and was named Troon's 2013 Facility of the Year, the company's top accolade.

Souq AlQaisariya

One of the oldest parts of Muharraq market, Al Qaisariya Souq features a range of shops that sell a variety of products and trade goods ranging from pearls to spices and teas. Al Qaisariya Souq is part of the Pearl path “Pearling, Testimony to an Island Economy”

A'ali Pottery Workshop

Pottery workshops in the vicinity of the mounds have developed organically over the years allowing the artisans to incorporate their installations around the tombs and even using burial chambers as kilns. The potters fire their pieces using traditional methods that have been handed down generation after generation.

Dragon City

A large-scale specialist center for retail and wholesale of Chinese products. Elegantly infused with Chinese inspired architecture, Dragon City serves as a major trading hub for Bahrain and the surrounding regions and has a diverse range of products which cater to both individual consumers and wholesale businessmen.

AlBareh Art Gallary

AlBareh Gallery hosts exhibitions by leading regional artists. A diverse program of exhibitions runs throughout the year in the airy art gallery while an adjoining space is devoted to a not-for-profit initiative, ABCAD, devoted to art experimentation.

Arabian Horse Stables


The Kingdom of Bahrain features a selection of Arabian horses, a racetrack and riding and learning stables. It is suit for kids and adults.

Jaw Beach Resort and Spa

Indulge in pure luxury and seclusion as you discover a unique blend of style and relaxation. Jaw Resort & Spa offers guests with complete privacy and a peaceful getaway. Overlooking the stunning turquoise sea, Jaw Resort & Spa features beach-front and Sea View Luxury Villas.

Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made islands, located in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain, near the coast of Muharraq island. They lie 10.5 km northeast of the capital, Manama, on Bahrain Island.


Dilmunia’s residential developments are designed in a range of styles, settings and sizes to suit diverse budgets. All accommodation promotes balanced living and is designed to integrate the needs of imagination, practicality and well-being.

Rashid Equestrian & Horseracing Club

The best horses and trainers and offering racing enthusiasts an opportunity to participate in one of the best international racing events in the region. One of REHC’s unique features is that it boasts one of the finest grass tracks and grandstands in the entire Middle East