Bahrain Museums

Bahrain National Museum

Is the largest and one of the oldest public museums in Bahrain. It is constructed near the King Faisal Highway in Manama and opened in December 1988. The US$30 million museum complex covers 27,800 sq meters and consists of two buildings. The National Theatre of Bahrain lies next to the museum.

Dar al-Naft Oil Museum

Great museum dedicated to the theme of oil, its search, discovery and development in Bahrain, and its impact on the life of the Bahraini People. It seeks to tell a story - that of Bahrain’s transformation from a 'pearl state' to an 'oil state'. It also traces how a search for drinking water led to a search for oil.

Rashid AlOraifi Museum

Rashid Al-Oraifi was the first Bahraini Artist to secure a commercial registration to open an Art Gallery in Bahrain, and he still has this Gallery in Modamall in Manama. Mr. Rashid is a renown artist in Bahrain and throughout the Arab world, who over a period of thirty years has contributed to the world of art by his paintings, writings and lectures.

Beit Al-Quran

The House of Qur'an) is a multi-purpose complex dedicated to the Islamic arts and is located in Hoora, Bahrain. Established in 1990, the complex is most famous for its Islamic museum, which has been acknowledged as being one of the most renowned Islamic museums in the world.

Bahrain Military Museum

The museum houses paintings, documents and photos documenting the history of Bahrain's military and the Defence Force, and also displays the flags and weaponry of various BDF units.

Saleh AlHassan Museum

A proposal has been put forward to showcase traditional antiques dating back 200 years collected by Bahrainis as part of a tourism initiative. The Southern Municipal Council wants to turn the homes of traditional antique collectors into tourist destinations . 

Bahrain Fort Museum

Seeks to maintain the ancient historic features of the site, as well as document the archaeological periods by preserving the artefacts discovered at the site. The museum is located on the northern coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is surrounded by a picturesque seascape and lush greenery that escaped urban encroachment.

Museum Of Pearl Diving

The Heritage Centre and Museum of Pearl Diving in Bahrain is a unique place, which celebrates the art and science behind the culture of Pearl Diving. Pearl Diving has been Bahrain's heritage for more than a millennium. In fact, the first instance of diving for pearls was recorded nearly 5000 years ago.

Post Museum

The original post office of Manama, situated directly behind Bab Al Bahrain, is now the location of a newly renovated museum that documents the history of postal services of Bahrain in all its eras.

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